“So he said to them, “Please hear this dream which I have dreamed.”
Genesis 37:6 NKJV

In 1989, a movie called “Field of Dreams” was released. Kevin Costner played Ray Kincella, a 37 year-old man who heard a voice one day that said, “Build it and he will come.” In the story, Ray had a stormy relationship with his dad. As a rebellious child of the 60s, he scorned his dad who loved baseball, refusing even to play catch with him. Ray’s father died before he could make things right. When he plowed his cornfield over and made a baseball field, everyone said he was crazy for following his dream, but through the magic of the movie, he was reunited with his father as a man. The theology is certainly not correct, and the plot is nowhere near reality, but it remains a wonderful movie.

In the movie, people came from miles around to get a glimpse at the old timers playing ball on the field of dreams. The point in the movie is well made, and it is certain, people will come to a place where their dreams can be fulfilled. God’s “field of dreams” is not in Iowa, but rather it is played out in the hearts of His people.

Throughout centuries of history, we have seen instances of how God sets the hearts of men, women, and young people aflame with a dream — the dream to impact the world and make a difference. Look at the life of Mother Theresa. Her mission continues on after her death, giving hope to the hopeless in Calcutta, India.

Maybe there’s a stir in your soul today; a spiritual knot in your stomach that gnarls you and it won’t go away. It could be the beginning of a great dream that God is nudging you toward. A God-given dream may look like this; It stirs your passion. It’s humanly impossible to accomplish on your own. It makes an impression on you for a lifetime. You can’t shake it. It may have been a place of pain for you in your past. The place of your pain sometimes becomes the place of your life mission.

Take time today and reflect on your own “field of dreams.” What unusual things may be stirring that could prompt you to build your own field — your field of mission?