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We all can look back
and remember a teacher
who had a significant
impact on our lives. 

Whether they are former teachers, current teachers, teachers of our children, or just teachers in our lives, we understand how important their job is and appreciate all they do for our families and communities. Join us August 15th and 18th as we celebrate the teachers in our church.  If you are a teacher, be sure to stop by Teacher Central in the commons before or after service with your school ID to pick up a special gift!


We want every teacher who is here for Back to School Week to receive an amazing gift. Something just for them to say thanks for all they do. We’re asking you to be involved by purchasing gift cards in $10 increments.

You can bring in gift cards to the church from now to August 15 and drop it off at Teacher Central in The Commons during services or during our office hours.

Please fill out this commitment form to let us know how you are committing to help make this event amazing for our teachers.

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Use any of these sharables to invite the teachers in your life to join us for Back to School Week on August 15th and 18th. Send them as a text or post them on social media with a personal invite!



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