Harker Heights is sandwiched between Dallas and Austin in South Central Texas just west of interstate 35 and is home to roughly 30,000 people with another 250,000 within 20 miles in Killeen, Fort Hood and Copperas Cover. 


Vintage Church has a specific call to the underserved military population. Due to it's transient nature, most churches have chosen to build far into the suburbs leaving those on post and those who live around post, largely without a connection to a local church. It is our opportunity to build relationships with army leadership in order that we may reach the thousands coming in and out of Fort Hood. By serving the military community we are spreading the Gospel around our country and the world as most on post today will be re assigned to other posts several times in their career.


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Central Texas is an area painted by the largest military installation in the free world, Fort Hood. Fort Hood consists of three sections: the main cantonment, West Fort Hood, and North Fort Hood. The main cantonment is bounded by Killeen on the east and Copperas Cove on the west. The Fort Hood main cantonment area, otherwise referred to as Main post, holds its own airfield, Hood Army Airfield. North Fort Hood is bounded by Gatesville to the northwest. West Fort Hood, bounded by Killeen and Copperas Cove, includes Fort Hood's second airfield, Robert Gray Army Airfield, which has been expanded for civilian use (Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport (GRK)) and additional training areas. To the east and southeast, the reservation is bounded by Harker Heights, Nolanville, Belton, and Morgan's Point Resort.


Central Texas is a beautiful place to live and work. Yet, is also a broken area filled with busy people seeking fulfillment and finding identity in everything except the God who created them. Amidst the beauty, creativity, ingenuity, and passion of central Texas, a small percentage of people here identify themselves as Bible-believing Jesus-loving evangelical Christians. 

Added to that, many residents dismiss the idea of the God of Scripture being King and Creator. Some have skewed perceptions about Jesus and the church. Others have been deeply hurt in a church context and therefore are suspicious of the gospel message.There is great need for gospel-centered churches to take root within the many neighborhoods in central Texas.


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