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During our “MAN VS WIFE” series we are challenging all married couples to date their spouse every week starting the week of April 3 -that’s 3 dates total. Each week, submit the details of your date to be entered to win your next date on us. Tell us about your date at and a panel of judges will rate your date based on romance, thoughtfulness and nostalgia. 

**In order to be considered, you must submit your date no later than 10:00 pm on the Saturday evening following your date (April 9, 16 & 20). One winning couple will be announced each week during service on April 10, 17 & 21 and can pick up their date basket after the 12:15 pm service. 

A grand prize will be awarded to the best date of the “MAN VS WIFE” series and will include an all expense paid getaway to Austin on a weekend of their choice. 

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Contact Phone
Please provide as much detail as possible including where you went, what you ate, what made it special. The more detailed, the better the chance of winning the challenge. While we love details, please leave out anything you wouldn't want shared or that may be inappropriate to share. We will edit these stories and share them in front of the church as a way to encourage other couples. No sexual or other inappropriate details.