Men connecting with other men to make a difference.

As men, we long to live with purpose and to make an impact on others. We long to know God and to love people well. Often, life and culture work against these priorities, causing many of us to live in isolation and feel unfulfilled. We need each other to stay on track and grow in our journey with God. We need each other in order to become the men God intended us to be.

The Men of Vintage connect and grow in various ways. You can serve alongside others on a team, attend men only events and participate in small groups. In addition to these, we also have development groups for men who are already fully engaged but desire more direct coaching and ministry experience. Where ever you are on your spiritual journey, there is a place for you to connect!


Men-only events happen at least 3 times per year during the Spring, Summer & Fall semesters. These events are geared at getting you connected to other men in our church and helping you grow in your walk with God, with your kids and with your wife. 


Groups are a great way to get to know other's in our church. Our groups are as varied as we are. We have groups that focus on marriage, finances and even around an affinity or hobby. Groups start and stop 3 times per year, Spring, Summer & Fall semesters. Take a look at how you can join or host a group below.


Teams are a great way to use your gifts and talents to serve others in our church and community. Whether you're an introvert or extrovert, there's a team that's just right for you. 


Development groups are designed to disciple men at the most committed level. These groups require full engagement within Vintage Church prior to joining one. These groups are overseen directly by our senior pastor. These groups are usually by invitation only but if you meet all of the following requirements, you can nominate yourself to be considered for an open spot in one of our Development Groups.