Our Vision: Meet The Real Jesus. Take A Step.
Our Mission: Reaching People and Building Lives. 

Maybe you've struggled in your faith or are just now exploring what's out there, either way, we know that you're not on this website or reading these words by accident. God wants a relationship with you and He will stop at nothing to get your attention because He loves you. 

We Are Vintage Church and we're here to serve and love you in whatever situation or stage of life you find yourself in. Not because we're really good people but because we serve a really good God. For more information on how you can connect with our church family, continue browsing this website and connect with us on Facebook.




Vintage Church has a specific call to the underserved military population. Due to it's transient nature, most churches have chosen to build far into the suburbs leaving those on post and those who live around post, largely without a connection to a local church. It is our opportunity to build relationships with army leadership in order that we may reach the thousands coming in and out of Fort Hood. By serving the military community we are spreading the Gospel around our country and the world as most on post today will be re assigned to other posts several times in their career.