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 A Membership Small Group

Next Steps is a 3-week membership and development small group that will introduce you to our church’s mission, vision & culture and also serves as our official growth track. It is the first and most vital step to grow and get more
connected in our church. 



 A Discipleship Course

Faith Steps is an 7 week Discipleship Course that will help you establish yourself in the Christian Faith. Whether you're completely new to faith in Jesus or just need to revisit core tenants of the Christian faith, this program is for you. First Steps is an official part of our Development Track and follows the Next Steps membership small group, which is a prerequisite for this group. 

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 A Leadership Intensive

Lead Steps is an 8-week leadership Intensive that will develop you personally as you lead yourself, your family, in your workplace as well as at Vintage Church. This intensive is by invitation only, however you can request a review after you've completed the Next Steps & Faith Steps. You will be matched with a member of our pastoral team as you complete each of the 8 weeks.  The intensive is focused on self-leadership where you will develop a life plan, relationship matrix, personal history and more.