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NEXT GEN As a Next Gen Resident, you will work alongside our Next Gen Team and gain practical leadership experience. Working with ages six-weeks up to eighteen years old, you will learn how to manage and serve volunteers, lead Next Gen services, and contribute to projects that develop the Next Gen ministry of Vintage Church. CREATIVE ARTS & PRODUCTION As a Creative Arts & Production Resident, you will have the opportunity to work alongside the Creative Teamand learn how to create environments that help introduce people to the real Jesus through worship, production, graphics, and video arts. You'll learn how ingenuity, organization, and efficiency can work hand-in-hand with the creative process to bring live events to life. MINISTRY As a Ministry Resident you will work alongside the Ministry Team at Vintage Church to execute strategies in a variety of areas. Included but not limited to guest assimilation, small group ministry, volunteer recruiting/training as well as performing ministry duties during weekend services and events. OPERATIONS As an Operations Resident, you will work alongside a dedicated team of staff and volunteers that administratively support the mission and vision of VintageChurch.  You will be challenged to grow in your abilities to strategize, develop systems, resource and learn from team leads, and coordinate with multiple teams to achieveoperational goals.
Evaluation Questionairre
We evaluate based off what we call the 6 C's. This is how we identify an excellence candidate for our team. • Cause: Are you sold out to mission & vision of God and His church? • Calling: Are you in your God given calling? • Connection: How connected are you to Jesus and His people? • Character: Do you live a life above reproach and of integrity? • Culture: How well do you fit into our culture? • Competency: Do you add lift to the areas you serve in?
We're an equal opportunity employer
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