Every week at Vintage Church we hear inspirational stories of how God is working in the lives of our members! We'd love to hear what God has been doing in your life! Sometimes that perfect moment occurs when God touches you through a song or a message on Sunday morning, while you're serving others on a team or a person comes into your life through a small group and helps you grow. Your story can help encourage thousands of people in their daily walk with God. Take a look at some stories below and submit yours at the bottom of this page. 

Dustin & Rachelle

Tyler and Lindsey

Gavin and Kaitie

John and Sharon

Mike and Myra



If you'd like to share your story, we’d love to hear it and share it with others! Please complete the form below. Please keep your stories as brief as possible. You can also submit a prayer request for the Vintage Church pastors and staff to pray over during our prayer meetings.

**Please be aware that Vintage Church reserves the right to use all or part of your testimony. Vintage Church may choose to video record your story and/or photo for use during a service, use it in print publication, and/or publish it on the website. Thank you for sharing and encouraging others!

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Please keep your stories as brief and clear as possible. Focus on how your life was before, during and after your circumstance and how God brought you through it and what He taught you along the way.