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The Fight

Surrounding us is a spiritual fight… angels vs. demons… good vs. evil… light vs. darkness. But amazingly, Most people don't realize the fight is happening. 

Although the fight is in an unseen realm, we all face its' effects—pain, struggle, defeat, heartache, conflict —in our everyday lives.

There is hope, we have the weapons we need to win.


The Fight
Week Five

In week five of The Fight, Pastor Stephen teaches on the fight for our minds and how we can combat the lies of the enemy.


The Fight
Week Four

In Week Four of the Fight, Pastor Stephen brings a message looking at what the Bible has to say about our spiritual enemies and the importance of knowing our enemy.


The Fight
Week Three

In week three of The Fight, Pastor Steve Robinson, Founding and Senior Pastor of Church of the King, brings an incredible message on how the bible reveals that there is an unseen world all around us and how we are immersed in spiritual warfare.

The Fight
Week Two

In week two of The Fight, Pastor Stephen teaches on the importance of connection to the Holy Spirit and how understanding the power of the Holy Spirit is very important to winning the fight in the spiritual.


The Fight
Week One

In the first week of The Fight, Pastor Stephen brings a powerful message about the fight for an everyone church and how God's strategy is the local church.


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