You Drive Me Crazy!

We've all got people in our lives that drive us crazy! These people push our buttons, ignore our boundaries and wreak havoc in our lives.

Join us as we learn how to deal with these difficult people in a way that both honors God and brings peace and sanity back to our lives.

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Week One

Many of our relationships could be better if we exercised wisdom instead of frustration. Join us as we learn six ways to walk in wisdom as we build relationships and relate to others. 


Week Two

Uncontrolled anger is an epidemic in our culture. From crazy drivers to angry waiters to mass shooters, people are struggling to manage their anger. Learn the signs and how to deal with the anger in you and in others.


Week Three

Conflict is inevitable and it is vital that we know how to deal with it in a healthy and productive way. Learn biblical principles for how to work through conflict and build stronger relationships


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