Summer at vintage

The Bible is full of stories meant to inspire and encourage us as well as those meant to teach and warn us.

Join us as we learn lessons and apply practical principles from the Bible's most riveting stories.

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Week One

For our first weekend of Summer at Vintage, Pastor Jim Lafoon brings us a powerful message on what "God's Home" looks like and feels like. Join us as we dive into what it looks like to invite God into our house, and be ignited and excited about His presence.

Week Three

Even when we're uncertain about our purpose, or we don't see where we're going in life, God's promises stand true and he always has a place for us. For Week Three of Summer at Vintage, we take a glimpse into the story of Esther and discover how we can step into where God's calling us.


Week One

Despite our mistakes and our failures, God empowers us to overcome them and keep moving forward. To kick-off our brand new message series entitled Summer at Vintage, Pastor Steve Robinson helps us take a closer look into the life of Peter, one of Jesus' twelve disciples.


Week Two

In the second week of Summer at Vintage, Pastor Stephen brings a message examining the life of Abraham and what his life says to us about trusting God and having faith.


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