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It’s that time of year again: another present to buy, a family road trip to plan, one more white elephant gift to re-gift, trees to trim, lights to hang, cards to mail…sound familiar? The Holiday season brings tradition, joy, and expectation, but also stress. Join us for a new holiday message series called “Tis The Season”. Together we will learn how to thrive and not just survive the Holidays.  

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week one

In the first week of Tis The Season, Pastor Stephen talks about the benefits of gratitude and how our attitudes are amazingly powerful in the way in which we see our lives.


Pastor Matt Benson (Lead Pastor of Grace Creek Church, Longview, Texas) continues our series, Tis The Season, by talking about how we can thrive in life by planting ourselves into spiritual family.


Pastor Aaron Grijalva (Lead Pastor of Rise Church, San Antonio, Texas) brings a message about what faith looks like in the life of a Christian and teaches on what the Bible says are the characteristics of Jesus-like faith.

week two

In week two of Tis The Season, Pastor Eric talks about the dangers of grumbling and how our attitude makes a great difference in how we live our lives.


In the final week of Tis The Season, Pastor Stephen shares a teaching on how we can overcome depression through the truth of God's word. 

Winning from the inside out

Pastor Stephen kicks off the new year with a message about personal identity and how to practically grow from the inside out.

Week Three

In week three of Tis The Season, Pastor Stephen talks about stress and gives us a biblical perspective on how to manage stress in our own lives.


Pastor Stephen brings a Christmas message and shares about how God, the Father, sent His Son–the Light of the world – so that we don’t have to live in darkness anymore.


Pastor Stephen brings an incredible message about the importance of identity and the dangerous temptations that we face when we go through the process of discovering our true identities.