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New Building Work Days

As we prepare for Move-In Weekend, we have several projects that we need your help with! We are looking for all types of people to help, whether it is very specific skillsets or just willing to help move in equipment and clean up the site. We have several projects ranging from installing the sound system to assembling the furniture. We will be having different work days over the next couple of weeks for several different projects. If you would be interested in more information on these work days, please fill out the form below and we’ll reach out with all of the upcoming information. We ask that anyone who volunteers is 18 years of age or older.


Some of the upcoming projects:

-Audio System install
-Carpet installation
-Remove remaining wood flooring
-Cut/grind steel pipes in auditorium 
-Sweep/vac/mop auditorium floor
-Grind/sand concrete patches in front hall
-Stage decking
-Indoor Site cleanup
-Outdoor site cleanup
-Bathroom floor prep
-Mount TVs
-Lighting System Install
-Transporting Equipment
-Network install