The Holy Spirit is often portrayed as something “weird.” But the Bible makes it clear that the Holy Spirit is not something. He is someone—a Person who Jesus promised would help you, guide you, comfort you and dwell within you. Join us as we move beyond the confusion, tradition, and cultural misconceptions to learn the Holy Spirit’s role in the life of a Christian.

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Week One

At the conclusion of Jesus’ ministry on earth, He turns to his disciples and tells them that it is better that he leaves them to go to the Father and sends another, a helper, the person of the Holy Spirit. This week we will learn about the person of the Holy Spirit and why He is vital to living the Christian life. 


Week Two

From the moment you surrender your life, the Bible says that you are born again. This supernatural work is the work of the Holy Spirit who now makes His home in your heart. This week we are learning more about his voice and how He works in us to make us more like Jesus.


Week Three

Sooner or later in your walk with God you will encounter times where you need more to overcome. The Holy Spirit not only resides in us but He overflows through us to bless others and overcome seemingly insurmountable circumstances. This week we are learning how we can receive this overflow of the Holy Spirit in our life at times when we need Him the most.

Week Four

Not only does the Holy Spirit live in us and overflow through us but He also gives us gifts that bless others and allows us to walk in the fullness of God’s grace and power. This week we will break down the different types of gifts and learn how to pursue and desire the Holy Spirit’s gifts in our lives individually.


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