Money wise

God wants you to be financially independent, free from the shackles of debt and fear. Whether you’re digging yourself out of a financial ditch or planning for the future, now’s the time to build on a foundation that endures. True wealth isn’t just built with what you have, but in what you do with what you have. Join us as we learn the biblical principles that build lasting wealth in our lives.

Moneywise - Key Art

Week One

Every economy has a currency, a means by which to buy and sell and interact materially with others. God’s system is at odds with the World’s system and has a currency that is priceless when compared to dollars and cents. Learn how God pays you back and enables you to build honest wealth that lasts.


Week Two

Every currency must be converted. God pays us back with wisdom and that wisdom must be converted through our hard and smart work on Earth. When we convert God’s wisdom it creates channels of His blessings in our lives and in the lives of those we serve. Join us for week two as we learn the importance of work and how it relates to what God’s building in our lives.


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